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WSB TV –  Hurricane Barry

Atlanta Plugged In July 16, 2019

Hurricane Michael Telethon – Live Interview – October 18, 2018

WSB Channel 2 – Hurricane Michael Interview – October 11, 2018

Fox 5 Interview – October 10, 2018

Hurricane Florence Interview – September 11, 2018

Pool Safety Tips LIVE on CBS 46

Alabama Tornadoes LIVE Donation Drive – WRBL

Alabama Tornadoes Interview – WRBL

Print Interviews

5 Questions to Consider About Online Degree Program Course Schedules

Social Media Videos


Restoring Family Links

Become a Red Cross Volunteer

Script Editor                                                                                       

Celebrating 100 years of Red Cross Services in L.A.

Live Event Scripts   

13th Annual Hometown Heroes Luncheon                                                        

Celebrity Golf Classic

Red Cross Los Angeles Region 101st Annual Meeting   

The Hope Luncheon  

The Volunteer Excellence Awards            

Web Articles

Internet Gives Syrians a Break from Civil War

Famous Duo Empowers Women with Affordable Internet

Helping Vulnerable Communities Survive Disasters

Overcoming Education Challenges for Refugee Children

New Accolade for Education in Malawi

Senegal’s Poverty Status

The Five Youngest U.S. Presidents

Five Space Inventions Helping the Developing World

The Good News About Access to Clean Water

New Technologies to Fight Global Poverty Crisis

Monarchs, Communist States and other Non-Democratic Countries

eLearning Improves Access to Education

Three Top Companies Investing in the Developing World

China Boost Pakistan, Venezuela with Remote Sensing Satellite

U.S. Universities and Global Poverty

Sustainable Transport in Africa

Technology Transfers Create Climate for Growth

Alleviating Poverty Through Inclusive Internet Access

Advocating for the Disabled

Sleeves Up. Hearts Open. All In.

Volunteers and Social Media Community Work Together in Relief Efforts

Red Cross Partners with Disaster Airlift Response Team

Severe Winter Storm Forces Evacuation

The 13th Annual Hometown Heroes Luncheon

L.A. Goes Red for Red Cross Month

Celebrities Tee Up for Disaster Relief in Burbank

Square Enix Rolls up a Sleeve for the Greater Good

Jarrett Barrios Announces Sound the Alarm at 101st Annual Meeting

A Great Place to Give

Life-Saving Steps to Reduce Home Fires

In the Wake of Harvey

Los Angeles Region Volunteers Head into the Storm

Become a Red Cross Volunteer

Our Extended Red Cross Family

ABC 7, Shawn Mendes Love Mexico

Caught in the Path of Maria

Coffee for Disaster Relief

Local Media Partners Support Disaster Relief

Volunteers Assisting Throughout California with Wildfire Relief Efforts

12 Year Old La Tuna Canyon Fire Evacuee Gives Back

Hearts Open: The Compassion of the Cambodian American Community

CA Wildfires: Creek & Rye Fires

A California Wildfire Evacuee, Safe from the Flames

Four Months and Forty Pounds: Rudy’s Red Cross Story

Volunteers and VoluntEARS Teach Emergency Preparedness

And the Honorees Are!

Red Cross Helps Family of Seven after Hurricane Michael

Emory Students and FedEx put Myanmar on the Map

Hurricane Michael: Georgia Responds

A Red Cross Family Legacy

Scott J. Olmsted to Chair Los Angeles Region Board

First Red Cross Deployment Changes New Employee’s Life

From Donated Blood to Donor Relations Officer: Joey Tripp’s Story

Thankful for Red Cross Volunteers

The Smith Family: Hope After a House Fire

Lifesaving Blood Donations Inspire a Career of Service

Emergencies don’t take time off for the holidays—neither do Red Cross volunteers

Georgia’s Red Cross Welcomes Jennifer Pipa as New Regional CEO

Life-Saving Steps to Reduce Home Fires

Staying Safe Before, After and During an Earthquake

Jamiya Project Helping Syrian Refugees: An Interview with Paul O’Keefe

A First Hand Look at Education in Rwanda

Meet Jane Dean, Red Cross Volunteer

Now is a Good Time to Wake Up

Meet Los Angeles Region Board Chair, Andrea Davis

MERCYworldwide: A Partner in Preparedness

Panda Cares Gives Back to Red Cross

The Humanitarian Celebration

Community Resilience with Sonny Patel

Ted Horton-Billard: Deaf and Determined

Teaching Kids about Preparedness with the Pillowcase Project

Stamps Scholars put Temanggung, Indonesia on the Map

Smoke Alarm Recipient Turns Volunteer

New Red Crosser Becomes New Blood Donor

Saving Lives in Bowdon

Senator Perdue Visits Blood Processing Center; Learns Alarming home Fire Statistics During Red Cross Visit

Father Saves Three Year Old Son

Michael Survivor Seeks to Help Kids Get Better Prepared for Emergencies

Ghost Writing

Another Life Saved – Adelaide Kirk

I am Alive because of Donated Blood – Stephenie Lai

Thank You Volunteers – Mark Beddingfield

The New ERVs: The Next Generation of Emergency Response – Ed Barlow

Working Together to Help Refugees – Kerry Khan

Dedicated to Home Fire Safety – Rachel Almond

Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Red Cross in LA – Jarrett Barrios

Every Step of the Way – Jarrett Barrios

Pay It Forward Baby!

Talking Disaster Preparedness in Cuba After the Storm

Standing Ready to Reconnect Immigrants and Refugees with Family

March is Red Cross Month

Home Fire Campaign Saves 215 Lives and Counting…

Working Together to Help Refugees

We Couldn’t Do it Without Americorps

L.A. Red Crossers Volunteer at Greek Refugee Camps

Cold War Nerves and Cold War Preparedness


Hearts Open, After the Storm

Surviving Irma from Florida

Now is the Time to Get Prepared for an Earthquake

Ready When the Time Comes with Crenshaw Christian Center

Remembering the Whittier Narrows Earthquake

Heartbreak in Northern California and a Critical Need for Red Cross

California Earthquake Authority: Our Partner in Preparedness

The 2017 National Leadership Awards

One Million Free Smoke Alarms and Counting

Hurricane Harvey: Two Months Later

Give Something that Means Something

Training for the Next Big Disaster: The Regional Supervisor Academy

Photographer with a Heart: Roxanne Shorbach

Our Season of Hope

Lending a Heart and a Helping Hand for the Holidays

On the Job: The 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade

One Red Cross: Our Vision for the Future…and the Future is Now!

Heightened Awareness After Hawaii

Supporting our Local Workforce of Guard and Reserve Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines

The Volunteer Excellence Awards

Home Fire Safety: 348 Lives Saved and Counting

Red Cross Month: The Time to Give and Celebrate

Get Prepared California! Earthquake Authority’s Auction Supports Red Cross Disaster Relief

Celebrity Golf Classic Supports Red Cross Disaster Relief

AmeriCorps Members: Community Leaders on a Red Cross Mission

Sound the Alarm Saves Lives

World Red Cross Red Crescent Day

Hometown Heroes: Ordinary People with Extraordinary Hearts

There are No Clients, There is Only Family

Developmental Editing

Timing is everything, as U.S. and Qatar meet

What can be learned from the U.S.-Mexico tariff dispute?

Facebook’s Libra shines spotlight on digital currency

Content Editing                                                                                                              

Standing Ready to Reconnect Immigrants and Refugees with Family

Explaining Recent Changes in U.S. Immigration Policy                                                    

 The Happiest, Safest Place on Earth

Can You Survive the Apocalypse?

Deployed on a Mission with the American Red Cross

Smoke Alarm Installation Volunteers are on Fire!

Making a Difference as a First Aid Station Volunteer

One Red Cross

Sheltering Overnight from the #LARain

Veterans History Project Marks 500th Interview!

Another Kind of Donation

Red Cross Club “Salem Neighborhood” Film Screening

Learning about Global Issues at the International Youth Activities Fair

The Mission of the American Red Cross

From Natural Disasters to Disaster Relief

Precious Moments with the Pillowcase Project

CPR Student Saves Best Friend’s Life!

Getting Things Done for America

Why I Serve

It’s Not Easy Being a Red Cross Celebrity

My Red Cross Role Model

Bring Your Game, Not Your Name!

Helping Others is Twice as Nice!

Working Together to Help Refugees

Ready for an Installathon?

Jarrett Barrios Announces Sound the Alarm at 101st Annual Meeting

Practicing Preparedness with Amanda Hidalgo

Employee Dedication: Red Crosser for Life

Meet Jim and Nancy, Red Cross Volunteers

Finding Peace with Restoring Family Links

There are Many Reasons to Donate Blood

158,000 Reasons to Cheer

World Refugee Day 2017

A Lifesaving Investment in our Volunteers

An Early Start at Saving Lives

Marissa Rachel Donates 40,000 Tampons for Female Veterans

Summer Safety with the Aquatics Centennial Campaign

Red Cross Ready for Wildfires

What Do You Know About Red Cross Blood Drives

Interns and International Humanitarian Law

Preparedness is for Pets!

Carol Bamesberger: A Caring Soul

Thank You American Red Cross

Sign Up for a Red Cross Babysitting Course!

Why You Should Take CPR

Sound the Alarm. Save a Life.

From Business Casual to Business Pro

The Red Cross and our Military

My Internship with the Red Cross

Saving Lives Near and Far

Answering the Call: Volunteering at the ABC7 Hurricane Harvey Call Center

La Tuna Fire Shelter Resident Receives Helping Hand

Heading Back to School Safely

Pink Gives Big to Red Cross

A Chat with Adrien Grieve

Become a Red Cross Volunteer

Feeling Thankful after LaTuna Fire

ABC 7, Shawn Mendes Love Mexico

New Generation of Leaders

The Power of the Community

Advertising Executive Hands Out Hope in Red Cross Food Truck

She Speaks Their Language

Knock Down Cups: A Volunteers Story from the Hurricane Harvey Pruitt Shelter

Real Life Training Prepares Volunteer

Caught in the Path of Maria

Coffee for Disaster Relief

Local Media Partners Support Disaster Relief

The Great ShakeOut

Ready When the Time Comes with Crenshaw Christian Center

Remembering the Whittier Narrows Earthquake

Volunteers Assisting Throughout California with Wildfire Relief Efforts

12 Year Old La Tuna Canyon Fire Evacuee Gives Back

Getting Prepared in South Los Angeles

A Sigh of Relief After Red Cross Assistance

Hurricane Harvey Survivors Antonio and Rosalyn

Helping Refugees, a Red Cross Humanitarian Imperative

Deployed to Texas with Puerto Rico on my Mind

Helping Rosalyn and John after Harvey

Hope After Disaster: Siebou’s Story

Helping Trina After Harvey

Hearts Open: The Compassion of the Cambodian American Community

A Reminder to Stay Prepared

Understanding What it Means to Care, My Journey as a Red Cross Volunteer

Understanding the Mission of the American Red Cross

Providing Comfort

The Safest Time of Year

Red Cross Assistance is for Everyone

Josie Tong Receives 2017 Red Cross Star Award

The Creek Fire: My Evacuation Story

W.M. Keck Foundation Supports PrepareLA Campaign

Public Affairs/Public Information Team Meeting

A Cross-Cultural Connection

The Joy of being an SAF Volunteer Caseworker

A Slice of Black History in Los Angeles and What it Means for Red Cross

Red Cross Volunteers Respond after Grace Hotel Fire in Long Beach

Home Fire Safety: 348 Lives Saved and Counting!

CA Americorps Disaster Team Mid-Year Retreat

Red Cross Month: The Time to Give and Celebrate

Working Together: Los Angeles Red Cross and Our Faith Partners

An Americorps Story

Youth Preparedness Fair: Defining Our Future

Veterans History Project

Human Flow

Towing, Trailers and Training, Oh My!

A Memorial Tribute to Volunteer Sue Reiner

Los Angeles Developed Diversity Training Reaches Volunteers in American Samoa

Hometown Heroes

Virtual Reunification after Maria

Social Media Connection Leads to Red Cross Help for Young Member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Dorian Volunteer Offers Lessons from Historic Storm

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