Channel Surfing: A Short Story

Shelly receives an odd inheritance that winds up being the gateway for a mysterious visit from her Grandmother’s ghost.

Published on December 24, 2016 in The Tower Journal


Connected: A Science Fiction, Feature-Length Film

U.S. Copyright September 3, 2018 Ashley Henyan                                                   

 A PhD student is cryogenically frozen to reconnect with the love of his life, only to wake in a holographic environment controlled by her husband.

Jason Krishna worked his way out of the foster care system to become a PhD candidate in Modern Thought— only to fall in love with Helene, the wife of Donald Duarte, billionaire and CEO of the world’s largest internet service provider.  After their affair is found out, Jason is murdered and Helene follows suit with medical assisted suicide—so their unspoken pact for a second chance at love can be fulfilled through the marvel of cryonics.

When Jason emerges from stasis, 360 years in the future, his first task is to find Helene. Instead, he finds he is trapped on AiAiland, a holographic environment generated by thousands of human brains suspended in cryostasis—and controlled by Donald Duarte.

After failed attempts to reunite with Helene, Jason learns the truth about his biological father, then inspires a group of holographic female rebel fighters to join him on the offensive—to free himself, Helene, and all of AiAiland from Duarte’s control.

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Chilly Harris, Red Cross Volunteer: An Animated Short Film

After finding out he is adopted, Chilly, a bullied 5th grader, decides to join the American Red Cross as a volunteer Rescue Dog. During his training he learns about perseverance and acceptance, and becomes determined to share the mission of the Red Cross with everyone– even the mean dogs at his school!

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